Hello, I am Omer

Since my childhood, drawing and creating all sort of objects, from all materials, by my hands have fascinated me. In high school, the magic of 3D and its infinite possibilities have inspired me.

Currenty, l pursue my academic learing further in Game Graphic Production in Belgium at DAE Howest after I have graduated from the 3D Animation program at HEAJ in 2018. I would highly appreciate all contacts and opportunities that may help me pursue my technical learning as well as to enlarge my horizon!

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  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Illustration
  • Spellbook from the Depths

    Spellbook from the Depths

    3D Modelling

  • Survivors's Vehicles

    Survivors's Vehicles


  • Zbrush Practice

    Zbrush Practice

    3D Modelling

  • Land of Birth

    Land of Birth

    3D Animation

  • A Soft Ride

    A Soft Ride

    3D Modelling

  • Medieval House - Tier 2

    Medieval House - T2


  • Augustin


    3D Animation - 3D Modelling

  • Katarina Character

    Katarina Character

    3D Modelling

  • UFO Narrative Image

    UFO Narrative Image

    3D Modelling

  • Curious Hen

    Curious Hen

    3D Animation

  • Vegle's Thumbnails

    Vegle's Thumbnails

    3D Modelling

  • Diving Club Flyer

    Diving Club Flyer


  • Skipper


    3D Modelling

  • Portal Squash

    Portal Squash

    3D Animation

  • Drone Concept

    Drone Concept

    3D Modelling

  • Laser Focal Gun

    Laser Focal Gun

    3D Modelling

  • Taipei Street

    Taipei Street

    3D Modelling

  • First Animation Trial

    First Animation Trial

    3D Animation

  • Amumu



  • Rafale Aircraft Layouts

    Rafale Aircraft Layouts


  • Sketch